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Prague, Czech Republic

May 21st until 25th 2007

A few lines about our trip to Prague. First, we were very lucky as we had a sunny and hot week. The only rainy moment was on Tuesday afternoon while we were visiting Prague aquarium.

Monday was dedicated to recover from the short flight to Prague (1h15). So we went to our hotel, stay a little bit in the room, unpacked our luggage. After a short stay, we went to discover Prague where we could eat, shop and what we could do during our stay. Actually, we bought the Prague Card. With it we had three day of free travel with public transport (Underground and tram map)and some free access to a Black Light Theater, the TV Tower, a Cruise on the Vltava, a Classical Music Concert, the Aquarium, Prague Museum ... As a result we attend to the Classical Music Concert before we went to the Black Light Theater and it was good, like a cartoon. And after the performance, we went for a walk in Prague by night. It is a very nice city, small enough to be seen by walk.

On Tuesday, as you can imagine, we used our Prague Card a lot. We started with the TV tower where we did some overall view of Prague. The TV tower is the highest building of Prague and definitely the ugliest. Then, we did the cruise on the Vltava. Unfortunately for Céline, she got a sunburn. It lasted 75 minutes and it was great : we left from the south of Prague and sail to the north suburb of Prague. On our way back to Prague, we stopped at the Aquarium and avoid the rain storm. Unfortunately, when we got out, it was still raining. So we decided to go back to the hotel and rest while it was raining. A couple of hours later, when the weather was back to sunny and warm, we had diner and went to Agharta, a jazz club and stayed there for two hours. "Hot Line" was playing, it is a Czech jazz band.

Wednesday was a big day as we spent most of our time visiting Prague Castle. The ticket we bought allowed us to visit the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica of St George and the Golden Lane. On the other hand, St Vitus's Cathedral was free to visit. There was a lot of tourists but we managed not to queue a lot to enter the several buildings. After the Castle, we slowly went back to the center of Prague to see what souvenirs we could buy and for how much. We saw another Black Light Theater performance which was supposed to be The Best Show in Prague but it was not. Comparing to the first we saw, they had much more money but the show did not all the possibility that black light can offers. Céline and I were very disappointed.

Thursday was relax as we knew that we were going to the Opera to see Manon Lescaut. So we took a walk in the Jewish neighborhood. We could have visited several synagogue but it was too expensive. During the afternoon, we went to Prague museum. Most of it is not interesting for foreign people as we do not know Prague enough to be interested in the history of some of its neighborhoods. But there is on interesting stuff : the paper scale model of Prague made in the 1860s. It represents the historical center of Prague and shows us how Prague was back in that time. Then we went back to our hotel, got dressed for the Opera. We had a hot dog before the Opera, knowing that we would have diner after the performance. For Céline and I, it was the first time at the opera. We saw a nice performance in Italian, subtitled in Czech. Fortunately, we went on the Internet to see what the story was about, otherwise we would not have understood anything. The Opera itself is really nice as you can see on the following pictures, but the show was a bit boring. But anyway, we had a great evening the two of us, and then we had a pizza !

On Friday, for our last day in Prague, we did some shopping and bought several stuffs for us and Christmas ball for our families. We arrived at the airport 2 hours before our departure but because the weather was terrible in Paris, we left 2h30 late. Nice last moment in Prague.

Finally, I took the liberty to bring back a nice advertise I found in the hotel among boring tourists stuffs. Their website is really worth visiting.


Old city place

Prag by night

Our neighbourhood

Cruise on the Vltava

On our way to Prag Castle

Charles' Bridge

Prag Castle

Jewish neighbourhood Castle

A night at the opera

Leaving Prag


Classical Music Concert Classical Music Concert