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Long Live The Raving Rabbits #3

and death to Rayman

Raving Rabbits #3For this last day of 2008, I give the last four videos we made in our living room while we were playing Raving Rabbits #3. The first two videos were taken with Magali and I playing alone the Shake It TV dance in order to get the higher score possible. On the other hand the last two videos were taken with four people dancing on the Shake It TV. I can tell you that we had a lot of fun dancing and seeing the other people trying to do their best to win the game.
But I can see that you can not wait to see the videos so here is the link to laugh like you never had in your life !!

And of course I wish all a very happy year 2009. 2008 was for Céline and I the best of our lives ever and we hope that 2009 will be as good as 2008 ....


A Cousin Wii Party

and crepes for diner

A Cousin Wii PartyIt was a big evening with most of Céline's cousins and her brother and sister. As we were only seven people, Laurent came with a one of his roomate. The schedule of the evening was pretty clear : Wii games and crepes. People arrived between 5.30pm and 6pm and we played Raving Rabbits 2. During the preparation of the diner, the guys played Mario Kart.

The diner was a little break from the Wii. We ate so much crepes and good stuffs, and before resuming the Wii, we played a gave called "6 qui prend". it is a card game very tricky and very interesting if you play with at least 5 other people. Anyway, then we played again but this time, Raving Rabbits 3 and it was amazing. We had so much fun and we laught a lot.


Christmas Diner in the Chhuon family

A delicious diner

Christmas at l'Etang SecIn Céline family, they used to celebrate Christmas on the evening of the 24th, whereas in my family, we are used to do it on the morning of the 25th. That is a cool thing because we can be in each other family togoether to enjoy the magic of Christmas, give our present and receive those from our family.

So we had our Christmas diner with Céline's family and is was very good; As usual, a lot of things to eat from crayfish to a paté stuffed capon with wild red rice and a truffle rizotto. And of course the dessert was two yule log a chocolate one and a fruit one. And they were delicious. We also had the opportunity to make a lot of pictures and I kept only the best ones. So enjoy !!


Diner with Alex

back from india

Alex DinerAlexandra has spent the last six months in India for her studies; She left the day of our wedding, so the last we saw her we were not even married ! Anyway, she was kind enough to send us some news about how her trip was going and she also sent us some local spicies. She was back in France to spend the Christmas days with her family and it was an opportunity for to see her and know a bit more about India and what she has been doing for those last six months.

We had a nice diner at Laurent's place. The food was very good, the atmosphere was great, we talked a lot, especially Alex to share with us some weird stories she lived back there. It was nice to see her and Laurent's roomates. Unfortunately, Céline was on duty the very next day so we could not stay very late. It does not matter as the pictures of this nice evening are now available.


Smells Christmas ...

and feels good !

La Celle Saint-Cloud Christmas illuminationsIn almost a week, it is Christmas Day. And since at least the beginning of the month, we can smell Christmas, feel Christmas and may be already eat Christmas. Indeed, most of the cities already have turned on their Christmas illuminations and so did the shops everywhere. The weather is very cold, winter is here and what for me makes me think about this wonderful time of Christmas, it is the smell when you open a clementine, this smell is for me the smell of Christmas.

And of course, Christmas means Santa Claus, Santa Claus means presents, and presents means Christmas Tree. We made ours a week ago, and this year's colors are white, silver and red. It is our first Christmas in our new flat, and the fact that our new flat is bigger than the former one means that we have more place to put our Christmas Tree whithout taking the whole place in the living room.


New Zealand New Photos

still more to sort

Taieri Gorge Railway tourLast week end, Céline and I found some time to sort the photos we took on days 15 and 16 while we were in New Zealand. As a result, they are now available on the website. These two days are covering our stay in Dunedin with the Cadbury Factory visit, the Taieri Gorge Railway tour. We also went on the Otago Peninsula, visited the Yellow Eyed Penguin Reserve and saw some little blue penguins.

We hope to find more time to finally reach the last two days of our trip. On the other hand, we would have to resume from the beginning as we did not go through the photos we took during the first week. Enjoy !


Back From New Zealand

and from a dream

NZ SheepsHere we are, back from the world's end, but we did not see Jack Sparrow ... Anyway, my website is back to its original shape and design. October and November were dedicated to our sharing of our honeymoon at the Kiwi's, but now that we are back since one month, we will resume to share our daily life. Regarding the NZ photos, we found some time to sort them, keep the best, improve the medium and put aside the worst. You can now find them on the website following the left menu. Enjoy !

As I said it, its a month since we are back to France and we did very nice stuffs since we came back. So here are the pictures we took during these special days.

School FairIt was the fair of Alexis' former school. It was great because we could walk in the beautiful place where his school was built. There were a lot of stands : you could buy some old books, clothes, fruits and vegetables, make your own candle, buy organic produces such as honey, bread, ... The atmosphere was great as you could see all the students participating in the life of this special day.

After that we walked a bit in Versailles. It was nice 'cause all the Christmas illumations were on. Did some shopping and then went back home.

Chloé's birthdaySurprise Chloé's birthday at Karine and Johann's place. We were a bunch of people Chloé did not expect to see this evening. We had a lot of fun, talked a lot especially about someone who is particularly annoying ... no name will be given up !

We had a great time as we had not seen these people since a long time, espeically Karine and Johan who could come to our wedding as Karine was delivering her baby the previous day if I recall.

Christmas ShopwindowsOnce we left Marion's place, we had to give a ride to Laurent close to his flat, and on our way, we drove pass by the Galerie Lafayettes and we saw that they already had set up the Christmas Shopwindows. We drove backwards, parked alongside the kerb where we were not supposed to and enjoyed the magic of Christmas ... on November, 11th at 0:15 am. It was quite weird first to see the sidewalk so empty. Usually, it overcrowded, but due to the time, there was nobody. And then, seeing the Christmas illuminations so early in November almost one month and a half before Christmas. But who cares ? We had plenty of time to take pictures and enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Pierre's birthdayIt was Pierre's birthday, 20 years old is a big step. We had dinner in a japanese restaurant : the Comptoir Nippon in Paris Xe arrondissement. And we had a great evening with delicious food, entertaining chef. Everything was great and Pierre was able to share this special moment with all his cousins and me.

After this gorgeous diner, Marions invited us at her place to get some coffee or tea before going back home. it was great because we could speak more easily with each other, talk about the professionnal life of every one and other bunch of stuffs. it was great.


Leaving for New Zealand !

and never come back

NZ Map. NZ Satellite Map. NZ Coat of Arms.
NZ Flag.

We have been longing for this trip for so long now that waiting another couple of days is heartbreaking. But here it is, and we can say it out loud : we are going to New Zealand for three weeks for our honeymoon. We take off on Sunday midday from Paris Charles de Gaulle and we land on Monday night in Auckland after a stop in Singapour. So yes, the flight to New Zealand will be the first thing to cope with, then we will have to deal with the jet lag.

Talking about time difference, there is a 10 hours difference between NZ and France. Therefore, when it is 8am (8h00) in France, it is 6pm (18h00) in Auckland. So if you do the maths and you assume that we will post our pictures on the web between 8pm and 10pm, you find that there will be no need to go on this website before 10am. Moreover, for this very special occasion, my website will completely change. Starting on Sunday, my website will be totally dedicated to our trip to NZ and nothing else. I hope that you will like the "Aotearoa ... Wild and Speachless !" attitude.

The All Blacks Haka in 2006.
A NZ Romney Ewe.

In the meantime, let me present New Zealand, a country well known for its All Blacks rugby team and for the fact that there are a lot, a lot, a lot of sheeps there. But more precisely, here is what you can find on Wikipedia : New Zealand is 268 680 km2 and there are 4 million people living in NZ. The political capital city is Wellington and the largest city is Auckland where a third of the NZ population is living.

The House Haymarket. The Parliament Buidling.
Wellington Panorama.
Auckland Views. Auckland Harbor by Night. Auckland Sky Tower.

You can find the detailed description of our honeymoon here but here is more or less what we are to do during these next three weeks : we land in Auckland, so we start our trip on the north island. We sleep in a different city everyday, except in the Tongariro National Park where we sleep three nights. The big thing on the north island will be the seaplane overfligth of the Tarawera Mount.

But we are staying most of our trip on the south island which is the biggest and the wildest one. We chose new Zealand because it is one of the wildest island in the world, and also because we saw amazing landscapes in the Lord of the Rings movies which were shot in New Zealand. So be sure that we will do our best to show you gorgeous pictures.

Mount Cook. Milford Sound.
A Pohutukawa Cornwallis.


Building Kitchen

day 02

Two days, it only took two days to build our kitchen up. Formerly, we were told that because of the plumbing work, it would take three days, but the guy was pretty fast and did it in two days. We have now the most beautiful kitchen in the world of kitchen. We can now enjoy the next few days to tidy our entire cooking stuff in our kitchen, try our new induction hotplate and cook again.

So, here is what our new kitchen looks like. We hope to invite all our friends soon after we come back from New Zealand.


Building Kitchen

Day 01

Here it comes, we have been waiting for it since the beginning of the month : our kitchen is finally under construction. On wednesday, we are supposed to have a brand new kitchen that we choose with some help. We are so impatient to use it, to finally be able to tide our fralt properly, to cook in this new environement and of course to invite our friends to discover our flat and expecially our kitchen.

So, here comes the pictures of what have been done during the first day.


A Third One

Still great colors

Thanks to the nice weather we had this week end, and the fact that I was much better Sunday evening, I was able to take much more pictures of Sunday sunset. I hope you will like them 'cause the colors were very nice and intense. Enjoy !


Another Sunset

Still enjoying it

I knew you were expecting the next sunset, I was too. And yesterday evening, before leaving for the ballroom dancing course, I had the opportunity to take those pictures.

It may be something everyone knows, but every sunset is diffferent. When you make the comparison between this one and the first I took pictures of, you can see that in the second one there is no nice color play with diffrent levels of orange or pink. You just see a big bright orange spot which the sun is. This lack of color lvels is the result of the lack of clouds. AS there is nos clouds, the sunlight is not facing any obstacle and there is no color play.

By the way, I took additionnal pictures of the appartment so that you can make the comparison between before and after. The pictures are still available here.


Season Premiere

Ballroom dancing

This week was our first week of Salsa and ballroom dancing. We were a bit worried as we did not have the opportunity to dance all July and August long. So when we went to the Salsa course, we were not very confident.
But fortunately, on Mondays, before the Salsa course, we have half an hour of training. As a result we were able to recall some of the severals variations we learnt last year. We could not manage to do all of them but it was the best way to start this new season. Then, during the course, we revised the last variations we learnt last year : la mano, uno, sombrero, pedro con piroueta. There are not to many people regarding the size of the room, and as it is a second level salsa course, most of them have a good salsa level.

On the other hand, our first ballroom dancing course was very hard for a forst course. We learnt the basis of Slow Fox, which no one has ever learnt. I say no one because in this group, some people are a level 6 and the others are a level 5, we are a level 5. As a result, the level 6 have 3 more months of experience than our group. But in this case, Slow Fox was a new dance for all of us.
And it was very hard because we have to learn the steps, the rythm, the directions to dance, the way to lead the woman we dance with and finally the elevations. Yesterday we were tought everything except the elevations. But the hardest part is to dance all at the same time because the room is not very big and we were almost 20 couples to dance. And Slow Fox is not a dance like Salsa or Rock and Roll were you can dance still. Slow fox is like Tango or Waltz, you have to move around the room to do it well, and when you just began to learn a dance, in an average room with a lot of people, it is very hard to do your best and to do it properly.

But we are looking forward to the next course to see how it goes with the level 6 people and with the new dances.


Home Sweet Home

Ballroom dancing

I know, I was a bit away from my website but as we were moving, we lost our internet connection at the end of August and we just got it back before the week end. But here I am and I have a lot of things to share now with a lot of pictures.

So first, you can now find the new pictures of our new appartment whith people working in it. Currently, we have been living in it since September, 1st. We completely redecorated the kitchen, the two bedrooms (one is still missing a painted wall), the bathroom and the restroom. The biggest work is still to do : the livingroom. The other big part of the appartment is the kitchen, but we are not in charge of it. We bought it last week, it is to be delivered in a couple of weeks and will be completely operationnal in the beginning of October. So here are some pictures so that you can compared before and after our tough work.

Then, we are now living in this big and new flat of ours. We watch TV, go on the Internet, cook what we can with what we have but we especially discover a new flat at different time of the day. And the best time of the day is the end of the day, between the end of the afternoon and the beginning of the evening while the sun sets. Because, as our livingroom faces west, we can see beautiful sunsets, such as the one we saw yesterday evening. It was not the best we saw, but it is the first we photographed. Every evening is wonderful for us, and we hope to show you as many and beautiful sunsets as it can exists.

Now, and I know that some of you are wondering if I finally got it, well ... I finally got it. At the end of August, I went to Samson to get my wedding shirt that I was supposed to wear on this special day if only they made it on time. Unfortunately, they did not and I had to wear another shirt that was the same color but not the one I wanted. These are the pictures of my most wonderful shirt I ever had I never wore.

And to end this long first September post, I would like to share with some pictures of the ATV, taken while he was approaching the ISS before docking. I am talking about the ATV becaus it undocked successfully the ISS during the night of the 5-6 September. It is now flying on a lower orbit than the ISS' waiting for the ATV Control Center to order him to enter the amtosphere and burn in it. While waiting for his cruel destiny, let's enjoy these nice pictures.


Good News

Our new lens and new flat

Nice pix !First we finally received our wide angle Canon 17-40 f4 L USM lens from the US after paying 158 of taxes at the customs ! but anyway, here it is, with his nice circular polarized filter.

It is our first professional wide angle and when you take some pictures with it, you definitely see the differences. For the moment we did not have the opportunity to take nice and wide landscapes, instead we tried it in our futur former appartment and the result is really nice.

Nice flat !Then, we now have the key of our new appartment ! And yes, we spent our entire week end in it to do some work. Both our families where there to help us because if we only had been Céline and I, it would have taken us much more time than a week end to do what we did ! But we are far from finishing the work. We still have a wall to put down, the cheminee conduit too. After that we would be able to paint the whole living room ceiling and walls. And by the end of September we hope that our new kitchen would be usable, because for the moment, we only have a sink.

As you can see on the pictures, we did not move anything from our former appartment as we are still doing some dusty work. We also started to redecorate the two rooms which should be finished by this week end (cross fingers).


Three Days

and a lot of free time

Last week end was a long week end as we had three days instead of the usual two. So Céline and I had the opportunity to do a lots of things. First, Friday was my birthday, so we had lunch at my grad father's house. We did a BBQ and we swam in his swimming pool, 29C everyday anytime, gorgeous ! And on Friday evening I had the big surprise that some friends of ours were coming for an evening birthday picnic. It was great, Céline organised everything on my back, what a loving wife. We had plenty to eat, the weather was excellent and we had a lot of fun.

QueuingSaturday was the busiest day in the week end. We had to wake up a bit early as we were to go to see the Grace Kelly exhibition in the Paris City Hall with Sophie R. As we went to bed quite late, it was a bit hard to wake up, but we managed to do it quite well. As it was the last day of the exhibition, we though it was a good idea to arrive just at the time of the opening of the city hall. As a matter, we arrived like 20 minutes after the opening, but there was already a two-hours queue. It turned out that we queued for three hours, luckily the weather was great. But, the exhibition was not worth a three hours queue. We had lunch at around 2.30pm in a pizzeria. Then we went back home so exhausted that we slept for almost two hours. Which means that we arrived later than 4pm at Nina's birthday. Actually, we arrived more at 6.30pm and were almost the first to arrive. The evening was great, we chated, did the BBQ and left at 9pm as we were supposed to go to the Versailles Castle to attend the Grandes Eaux Nocturnes.

Grandes Eaux NocturnesIt is a show in the castle garden where the open all the foutains and elight them, while everybody is walking in the gardens. It was great, but there was way to many people, we could hardly walk in the alleys. But we manage to make some pictures of the night. And after that we went bak to Nina and Alexis' place for a couple of minutes before going back home to sleep.

Sunday was a rest and doing nothing day. Almost nothing as Céline's parents were having diner at our place as they were just coming back from holidays. So we did some cleaning, dishes, vaccum cleaner, etc ... The diner was very good as Céline made it. The dessert was also very good as Magali made it. Then we chated about the wedding, we got our wedding present that Céline's parents took when they were on holidays. And after that, they left and we finally could go to bed to recover from this very long, hard, tough and excellent week end.


Back ...

but disappointed

Paris PlageIndeed, it has been a very long time since I did not post anything on my website, but here I am ! So what can I say now ? Well, we went to paris last Saturday as we wanted to see the Grace Kelly exhibition in the paris City Hall, but there were way to many people queuing. So we gave up even beore queuing.

We decided that it was a good time to go to "Paris Plage" ! What a disappointment, there is not a lot of things to do. It is a nice walk in the streets as you can appreciate the Paris monuments that are closed to the Seine, but that's it. Oh yeah ! The most exciting stuff we've done is to eat a nutella crepe. Man this nutella is damn good !

Finaly, we ended in a new cambodian restaurant that Céline's parents recommanded us. A nice place, with very nice waitress and waiter (except one old guy) and a delicious food. They have cambodian specialities and a lot of other stuffs. Céline took steam cooked food for starters and a Amok for meal. As for myself I took a spicy beef salad for starters and an amazing pork for meal. It was incredible. For dessert, we took banana doughnut.

We were having diner in a restaurant celebratong our six years together and our two-months-married-life together. The exact days were during the week so we decided to wait until the week end to make a big thing just the two of us. Talking about celebrations, we are to signed for the purchase of our new appartment on the 21st, August. Wich means that we are going to move to this new appartment during the last ten days of August. We are so looking forward to it !



King Kamehameha day

King Kamehameha statueFirst of all, I wanted to whish again a very happy birthday to Valentine, my little sister. I know it was yesterday, I did tell her but as I did not mentionned it on my website, well, now it is done ! So Valentine, Céline and I whish you a very happy birthday and we hope yesterday was a very good day.

I also forgot to tell you that in June it was King Kamehameha day in Hawai'i. And it is a good opportunity for me to show a picture I took while I was there in 2005. There is a big party with local daces as you imagine when you see girls dancing the hula ! And on the other hand, the King Kamehameha statue is decorated with nice flowers neckless. It is so smelly everywhere, people are happy to be there and talk to you very easily. The picture of King Kamehameha was taken once all the flowers were put on the statue.

What is great is that before putting the flowers on the statue you can on the floor the flowers neckless ready to be hanged on the statue. And then, during the afternoon, there is a parade of well-dressed people coming from the differents islands of the archipelago, here to remember that King Kamehameha was the first to unit the Hawaiian archipelago. There are also pepople from social clubs that filed in front of us. It was a great thing to be part of such a cutural celebration. I wish I could be part of it again.


Old Firework

Bastille Day

A nice showBefore talking about the picture, I would like to whish a very happy birthday to Maude and Célia. I whish you both a very nice day, lots of presents and good moments with the people you like and you can count on. Enjoy girls ...

Going back to the picture, obiouvsly a firework picture. Indeed, as I am kind of into a firework taking photo approach I though it would be interesting to see what I could do five years ago with a small digital camera, not a DLSR at all. Well, it is not that bad, it is more the firework that is not really impressive. Actually, it was in 2003 in Soulac, south-west of France for the summer holidays. We had a great time, the weather was hot and warm, you could feel this excited holidays atmosphere where everybody is so happy to be there.

Well, regarding this picturen it was a good start in taking pictures of fireworks but you can see that there is still some effort to make to get a clear picture with more colors and bigger fireworks on it. This allow me to see how hard I tried to improve my fireworks pictures and I would say that my pictures are much more better now.


Firework Display in Versailles

Everybody should see it !

A great showWe spent another evening in the Versailles castle. This time we attent a fireworks display based on Louis XIV life. The show is realised by the F Group. They became famous after the realised the firework on the Eiffel Tower for the 2000 new year. There were only three shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in the Versailles Castle around the Neptune pound. We purchased our tickets on the Billet Reduc website. It costed us 18 per pseron instead of 45 for a place in the second category.

We had to retrieve our tickets at least thiry minutes before the show, and they recommanded to do it two hours before. After this we "had diner" at subway and we went back in the castle at 9pm. The show started at around 10.30pm and lasted about an hour. The show is called "La Face Cachée du Soleil" and it illustrates with fireworks several strong episodes of Louis XIV reign.

About the show itself, it was absolutely amazing, extraodinary. Fireworks everywhere and so differents from each other. The opening is fireballs, then it is more water stuffs, illuminated people representing the king and its people, everything punctuated with huge fireworks. We spent a very beautiful night with the show. Of course we took lots of pictures and they are much more better than those taken on Bastille day. We were more careful. Anyway, we hopr that you will like the pictures and that you want now to go see the show, hoping that next year they will again do it in Versailles.



Where to have or not a great time

I do not know if you noticed it or not but the page with links I thought were important disappeared. Well, if you did not noticed it, it was a good thing that I deleted it, because it was useless. I was wondering what could be more interesting for me and especially for you who come to visit my website. And I finally figured it out : restaurants.

This new page is a summary of all the places we went to eat whether it was a bad or a good place. There are mostly good places, but we also explain to you why we like them or not and what are the best thing you can get from thoses places. As you are going to see, there is a rate system : five stars for an excellent restaurant and no star for a restaurant that should not be a restaurant. And finally, ther are classified from the closest restaurant to our place until the farest one.

We hope that this new page will be much of a use for all of you and do not hesitate to tell us if you enjoyed it or not when you went to any of these restaurants. I wish you all very good holidays for those who has the chance to get some, and for the others, just enjoy the warm weather.


Bastille Day

In Versailles

Bastille Day FireworksI was so looking forward to going to Versailles to see the Bastille Day fireworks because I wanted to do the most beautiful pictures of fireworks ever ... but it did not work so well. But first we wanted also to go to the Bastille Day dance. It turned out that it was a concert and very few people were dancing. What a disappointement for Céline and I. As we had fun dancing during Bougival's St Jean dancing, we thought that it would be ever better to dance in Versailles. So we decided to take a walk in Versailles while waiting for the big moment.

And it did arrived. All traffic lights and street lights were turned off and the fireworks started. It was amazing, it was a long time I did not such an impressive and huge fireworks. And the fact that we were so closed to the fireworks turned out not to be a good idea. First because I did not have a wide angle so I could get the entire fireworks in picture, and then because I could not use the tripod to take pictures at it was to high in the sky. I finally took pictures the usual way and I might be to quick to take pictures because several fof them are blurry and not very interresting. Compared to the pictures I took a week ago, these last ones are worse.

But Iam not giving up 'cause next Friday evening, we are to see a firework display, still in Versailles and I hope to improve the quality of my night pictures. I will this time take time to make the best settings, the quality before the quatity.


15 Minutes of Celebrity

Damn you are so gorgeous !

This is now the second series of portraits. Again, you might yourself on one of these. If not, do not be disappointed, one of you might pop up to our mind and you will automatically be broadcasted on the wen site. Just be patient ...

Claire David Edith Geoffroy Emilie Luce Nina


15 Minutes of Celebrity

Damn you are really gorgeous !

As I told you, if you were able to wait a little bit, you would see a picture of here, on my website. Here you are, and I hope you will like the photos I chose. By the way, if you are not on these pictures, just wait untill tomorrow and you might be on them !

Christine Jeremy Karene Loic Caroline Olivier Nolwenn Nicolas Pascal Pierre


A Month ...

And it feels so good !

A month ago it was the very best day of our lives. A month already and it feels like we got married yesterday. This event is now engraved in our brain for the rest of our lives and every time we think about it, we feel joy and happiness. Now, this extraodinary moment of our lives belong to the past and the thank you notes were the last pices of it. We are now showing to everybody the pictures that the photograph took that we developed. They are quite amazing. So if you have not seen them yet, do not worry, next time we come to your place or you come tou our place, we will be very happy to show them to you.

In the meantime, here are others grayscale pictures of the newly-weds.

Céline Guillaume


Busy Week End


Home dinerLaurent dinerPicnicThis week end was a very good opportunity for Céline and I to try and get use to our new DSLR. In fact, we had some friends, Sophie and Hugues, coming for diner on Friday evening, we went to Céline's borther, Laurent, new appartement for diner on Saturday evening and we went picnicking with Sophie on Sunday noon around the St Cucufa lake.

And of course, we brought our DSLR at each and every one of these event. Regarding Sunday, most of the pictures are landscapes of the lake, the ducks and the nature in the wood. On the other hand, while we were at Laurent's place, most of the pictures were taken with medium light trying to emphasize the new coffee machine Laurent bought recently. And finally on Friday, we only did a couple of pictures as we were testing for the first time the flash on the DSLR.

We hope you will enjoy the pictures. Next week end we will try to do even better pictures at the Versailles Bastille Day Fireworks ! See you people.


Couples in Color

For the wedding

Muriel and Yann Florence and Bunthaï Bunthaï and Yann Céline and Guillaume Marion and Loic

A new series of picture but this time with couples.

Again, these are the first pictures we easily found great, so it was quick to select them and process them. As I said before, the longest and hardest part, is to find among all the pictures the ones that realy worth being processed and put on the website. And again, just wait a little bit and I am sure that a picture of your couple will be put right here in the next following weeks.

In the meantime, we still go through our wedding pictures to find the best picture of the rest of you, so do not be impatient, your turn will come...


Great pictures with a new DSLR


Saint JeanSince the wedding and the amazing pictures taken by our photograph, we were thinking that may be we could buy a new DSLR. In 2005, before leaving for Hawai'i, Céline bought a Canon EOS 300D. She was happy of it and our hawaiian are very nice. But the camera was not perfect and she knew that the new Canon EOS 400D was much more efficient than the 300D. So last year, we sold the 300D and bought the 400D. We used it a lot during our trips.

But we were still not satisfied of it, so we asked our photograph which digital SLR camera is really worth it. He answered that the Canon EOS 5D was form far the best on the market. So we made this big step, we bought it. And I can tell you that the first pictures we took show exactly why it is the best currently. Most of the pictures are fireworks pictures taken on June, 28th in Bougival. I took those pictures whithout any tripod, ISO 100 and in a totally manual way. And as you can see on the left, the pictures are very good.


Our friends

having diner

Chloé Alexis

What a pleasure it has been to share this extraodinary wedding with our friends. I do not know what else to say, we were in a dream with the friends we like the most, those who we can really trust and we know they would be here for us anytime, anywhere. As you can see, there are just a few pictures, four to be exact. It does not mean that we only have four friends. It takes a very long time to go thought the 2500 pictures the photograph took, and it is even longer to choose the best picture of each of you. So these are the first four pictures we found the best of Chloé, Alexis, Johan and Etienne.

In the meantime, we still go through our wedding pictures to find the best picture of the rest of you, so do not be impatient, your turn will come...

Johan Etienne


Our brothers

Thx Bros !

We knew we could count on them during the wedding. They were very helpful to keep to the schedule, to help setting the chairs for the wedding ceremony and of course, knowing that they were handling any problems helped Céline and I a lot to enjoy even more the wedding.

Thanks for your support and your help bros !

Laurent Cyril


Our mothers

Thx Ma !

And now, let me introduce our mothers. Also very supportive during the preparation of the wedding, a bit stressed during the weeding, but like our fathers, I am sure they really ejoyed the wedding as they could share it withe their family and friends.

Thanks for your support and your help moms !

Florence Muriel


Our fathers

Thx Dad !

Here are our fathers. Very elegant, not very smily on these pictures but we know that they did enjoy the wedding. Sharing this special event with their families and friends was for them something very intense that they look forward to living in the next wedding or their respective son and daughter.

Thanks for your support and your help dads !

Bunthaï Yann


Grayscale and colors


This is the first picture of a whole series of photos based on the same process : everything is in grayscale except one thing in color. Depending on the photo I choose this thing to be the whole person, or a smaller colorful detail like a tie, a shirt or the mayor sash in this precise picture. As you might see, I started with the wedding pictures, pictures of Céline and I, our parents, our sisters and brothers or our friends. It is a very good strat because in all these pictures they are a lot of colors and nice emphasize to do with it. But I also may use the hawaiian pictures to do the same as they also have brightful colors.

I hope you will like this kind of pictures and if you are interested, I might explain to you how to do it ... Enjoy !

The civil ceremony


Unbelievable Wedding

Our Wedding !

Rien que de penser à ce qu'il s'est passé ce week end, ça me fait pleurer comme un bébé. Beaucoup trop d'émotions, de tensions libérées d'un coup. Avec Céline nous préparions ce mariage depuis un an et demi, durant chacun de nos week end end, nous dédicacions un peu de temps à ce mariage. Et maintenant que c'est passé, toute cette tension disparait et avec la fatigue je craque à chaque fois que je pense à Céline, à chaque fois que je revis le mariage dans ma tête ou à chaque fois que j'entends les musiques du mariage.

Je vais donc commencer par remercier à nouveau toutes les personnes qui ont fait que ce mariage à été pour nous un rêve éveillé. Et je commence bien évidemment par tous les cambodgiens qui nous ont été d'une aide cruciale pour préparer ces deux magnifiques cérémonies de la coupe des cheveux et des souhaits. Merci à vous tous, car sans vous nos habits n'auraient pas été aussi grandiose, la cérémonie n'aurait pas été totalement comprise par les occidentaux et les traditions se seraient un peu plus perdues. Et une mention spéciale pour le traiteur qui a préparé un déjeuner succulent. Nous avons été habillés dans la plus pure tradition cambodgienne, nous avons posé pour les photos toujours suivant cette tradition et enfin, c'est avec plaisir et dévoument que nous avons embrassés ces deux cérémonies qui ont permi à tout le monde de nous souhaiter bonne chance pour notre vie commune future

Je continue ensuite par Geoffroy dont la cérémonie a été absolument parfaite. Tu as fait en sorte que cette cérémonie nous ressemble totalement, tu as su personnaliser au maximum ce culte qui transpirait de nos vies et de nos expériences passées. Tu t'es approprié parfaitement ce thème de l'ouverture aux autres en ouvrant et en rendant accessible à tout le monde cette cérémonie protestante. C'était le point culminant de ce mariage et ca a été une heure et demi d'émotions intenses grace à toi. Encore merci Geoffroy.

Et je finirai enfin par Mr Michelet, notre traiteur DJ. Le diner était gargantuesque, en tout cas pour les mariés, le cocktail aux petits oignons, l'organisation niquelle, les serveurs polis et agréables, le dessert délicieux, la sono impecable. Vous nous avez été d'une aide précieuse pour choisir le menu, vous avez été à notre écoute concernant le déroulement de la soirée et l'ouverture du bal, vous avez su vous adaptez à nos désirs notamment en sonorisant la cérémonie religieuse et vous avez très bien animé la soirée.

Notre dernier remerciement va à Mme et Mr Skaguchi dont la demeure est absolument splendide. Le cadre de déroulement de notre mariage était un point extrèmement important pour Céline et moi car nous voulions que nos invités se souviennent de ce jour particulier. C'est pourquoi nous avons choisi le Chateau des Clos pour y célébrer notre mariage : un magnifique chateau au milieu d'un parc boisé et tellement fleuri, un jardin à la francaise pour le déjeuner et le cocktail, une magnifique pelouse pour la cérémonie religieuse et de magnifiques salles pour le diner et la soirée. Sans oublier les chambres confortables pour ceux qui ont eu la chances de dormir sur place.



Not alone

Guillaume walks alone

In several days, 5 to be more accurate, I would not be as alone as I can be on this picture. Indeed, on Friday, Céline and I are getting married at the city hall, and on Saturday will take place the wedding ceremony. So after this quite big events in our lives, the pictures would be more like Céline and I walking on the sand, side by side, facing the same future and living their lives together for a better world.

About the story of this picture : we were in Morocco in 2006. It was during the second week of our trip, the hike following the sea and the cliffs. We arrived where we were supposed to sleep, close to a very small fisher man village and there was nothing else on the beach. So I decided to make a trail with my footsteps, knowing that the sea was to far to erase them, and that there were no anoying children around here to destroy my work. So I did it, for more thaten meters, I walked alone on this wide and huge beach, step by step, carefully to stay in line but I did not know that Céline was behind me and took a picture.

Anyway, I think that she had a great idea by taking this picture. Because first we see me, doing my footsteps line, but then, when you around the person in the middle, you start to discover the background, with the sea very far, the huge beach and you imagine that there is nothing else than us and the group of ten people we hiked with.


Cooking Lessons

With friends

This week end was mostly dedicated to be ready for the weeding. We spent our Saturday afternoon making the service booklet. We already had printed the sheets, we just needed to cut them, add the cover, make holes in the booklet in order to tie it, cut the string to tie de booklet and finally to stencil the cover. As you can imagine, Céline and I did not want to it by ourselves, so we asked gently Sophie, Claire and Johan if they could help us during a couple of hours in order to get rid of the service booklets. And we did it. We made 70 booklets in two hours : Céline was cutting the sheets, Johan was cutting the string, Claire was putting together the sheets and the covers, Sophie was stenciling and I was making the holes.

On the other hand, Sunday was a surprise ... a very sweet bachelor party for Céline and I. We did not know what to expect. Chloé, Edith, Magali, Sophie, Claire and Johan were there and they offered us a cooking lessons. The chef came with a lots of stuffs form knifes to a scale, from dried tomatoes to cane sugar and he helped us cooking a lunch for eight people (as we were eight). The cooking was interesting, a lots of tips from the chef, several pictures and a very good atmosphere. The starters were very good, the duck and the clafoutis were excellent, and the chocolate cakes with the toffee were amazing. In addition, as you can see on the pictures, we all looked like chefs as the real chef brought us aprons and chef's hat. We all did our job properly and we had a very good lunch all together.

Thanks again guys for this great idea, we did not know what to expect but we definitely loved it. It was a great peasure to see you on Sunday, and for some of you to see you again on Sunday. Thanks a lot again, and please, do not arm yourself for the newt few days as the wedding is coming closer and closer.


Comics Museum

In Brussels

Lucky Luke Shadow Gaston Office

It is quite obvious who took the first picture. He was about to enter in a saloon when he took this picture so fast that you can see his shadow reaching his digital camera hanged on his belt at the same place he used to carry his gun. Impressive, isn't it ? He was also kind enough to offer you this special picture. For Céline and I it was a very intense moment, to finally meet this legend ... wait for it ... dary cowboy. Unfortunately, he had to left early as the Dalton escaped again.

But this unexpected event allwed us to meet another famous lazy guy. You may quickly find who I am talking about regarding the bowling ball lying close to his desk. We first saw the gull through the window and new exactly who was supposed to work, m'enfin ! But he was actually taking a nap somewhere else. it is only a couple of minutes later that he came back to his office, pretending that his rocket was supposed to take off verticaly and not horizontaly ...

Anyway, we got lucky as we met two very important people in the comics world. Of course it was in Brussels, in the headquaters of the comics squad, which is in the basement of the Comics Museum, what a great idea ! We almost had the opportunity to meet smurfs but they were to busy defending themselves against an orange cat or whatever.


Dromedary Foot Prints


Dromedary Foot Prints Dromedary Foot Prints

Yes, these pictures were taken in 2006 while we were in Morrocco for two weeks. The second week was a hike following the sea and we had dromedaries. It was the first time for me that I was seeing these animals. And there are hudge but they are so slow when they walk, it is very strange. But even if they are slow, as they have tall legs, they walk big ... I mean they are slow but they make big steps ... Anyway, these are the prints that they leave on the sand.

When you look closer to the dromedary foot when they walk, you see that contrary to you and me who sink into the sand when we walk on it bare foot, well, they do not sink at all. It is there foot that spread on the sand preventing them from sinking into it ! it is very impressive to see and ingenious, thanks to Mother Nature.

Finally, what is strang about these two pictures is that when you look at it the first time you see the print coming out of the sand, which is completely the opposite of what was really shot. It takes several minutes to make our brain understand how the picture was taken, and smothly you will see the print that comes out of the sand, it will sink into the sand and reveal the beauty of the picture. Good luck !

On the other hand, once you understood how to look at the pictures, it is hard to go back and try to see them the way they looked the first time !


Tourists Shops


Tourists Shops Tourists Shops Tourists Shops

This was an amazing thing in Prag : you could find tourists shops almost at every corner street. And as you imagine they are selling bad quality stuffs. Nothing compared the bohemia cristal that is sold in few shops that are more expensive. But by buying here, you know that the props you are buying are very high quality. And the choice you have is enormous compared to what tourist shops tries to sell you.

On the other hand, if you have a big family and that you are looking for a souvenir for each and every one of them, do not hesitate to enter and to buy in a tourist shop. On one hand, your family will be delighted to get a present from Prag in a cristal-looking material, and on the other hand it only costed you peanuts. More, you can now spend the rest of your money in the real cristal shops, buying beautiful dishes for your house.

And finally, even you may not enter these tourists less quality shops, at night, they light up the city and it is kind of nice.


Perfect Wedding ... ?


Perfect Wedding ... ?

With our wedding that is coming very fast, I can't help thinking about this japanese-just-married couple we saw on Waikiki Beach. We were just hanging around, walking on this famous and nice beach that is the waikiki beach, when suddenly a huge limo parked in the parking. Well, it did not really parked, it just stopped wherever it could. Then we saw the just-married couple coming out of the car. The bride was in her wedding dress, and the groom in its wedding suit. The photographer came out of the car too, placed the couple just in front of the bay, on the beach, took some pictures, moved the couple so that he could have pictures of them with dimaond head on the background. And after five long minutes, the got back in the car and left.

After we saw that, Céline and I looked at each other thinking that when we get married, it will not be like this. We did not want to rush after nice pictures, nice landscapes or other posed pictures. We want living pictures, blurred pictures, we want to see on our wedding pictures that people are having fun, that they are laughing and enjoying this special moment of our life that we wanted to share whith them.

Be careful Antoine, we hire you because we thought that your pictures were by far the best we saw between all the wedding photographers we saw !





This is one of my first fireworks picture I took in 2003 during the La Celle St Cloud city party. I think it is the perfect moment to show it, first because I find it preaty good, and then because the 2008 La Celle St Cloud city party is about to take place. I do not remember the exact day but I think that it is during June. Anyway, I wiil try my best to do as good pictures as this one and even more beautiful pictures.

It also make me think about the early times when Céline and I were together. It has been now almost six years, we are to get married in less than a month ... and many things happend between this picture and now. And when I think about these almost six years, with the bad and the good times, I definitly now that our engagement is the right thing to do and that our wedding fit perfectly in the way I see the future on Earth.

See you soon for the new fireworks pictures or for our wedding.


A Great Souvenir

From St Malo

During our trip to Saint Malo, we wanted to bring back something special, a nice souvenir. Not inevitable something related to the sea, but something that makes you instantly think about travel. We went to shops that were selling this kind of stuff but as you can imagine, lots of it was related to the see and not exactly what we wanted. There were nice stuffs though, stuffs you find only on boats ... and finally, we found it.

We found this nice piece of plane : a wooden propller. It is so nice : 1.85 meter wide made out of birch. As you can see on the pictures, it easily found its place in our living room between our wall lights. And what's extaordinary is that the red a the extremities of the propeller is the same as the red on our wall. It is like the propeller was designed to be hanged in our place!


Cat Keeper


May be some of you have a scooter. For these one, the fear of having it stolen must be an everyday worry. I have the same feeling when I park my car in the wrong place, even for a couple of seconds. So you may be using a lock or two but still, you are afraid.

I have the solution, and it is being tested in our residential flats : put a cat on you scooter. What you see on the pictures is a real test and I witness it : the scooter was not stolen and it did not have any lock except the cat ! Revolutionnary ! You may question this technic but the result is here.

I can already here you about the drawbacks of this solution : there is none ! A cat is more expensive than a usual lock. May be but it is more efficient as we already saw it. More ! You will now never be alone in your travels. It will keep you warm when it is cold outside. I tell you, the cat is the future for unstolen scooters !


Back From 3 Days In Saint Malo

Wonderful !

We got back from three days in Saint Malo. We wish we had some nice weather but we really enjoyed it. We left on Wednesday evening and left on Saturday afternoon. We were staying in a small duplex in Saint Servan that we rented to Marin Marine. Saint Servan is a neighbourhood of Saint Malo, so we were not in the old city called Intra Muros.

So we visited Saint Servan as we were linving in, of course Saint Malo but we also drove along the Emerald Coast until the Cap Frehel. We visited Dinard, Cancale and Dinan. The last two cities are so wonderful, charming and picturesque.

Pictures are available here, and later, the videos will be available.

Saint Malo


Indiana Cretins - Soirée Wii (Video n°6/9)

Raving Rabbits

C'est le titre qui a accroché non ? C'est vrai qu'avec la prochaine sortie du dernier Indiana Jones, ca peut porter à confusion. Mais, que nenni.

Je vous rassure, il y a quand meme un rapport avec Indiana Jones : une grosse pierre en forme de boule poursuit les 4 concurrents. Il faut donc tout simplement courrir à mort pour ne pas se faire rouler dessus. En plus de ca, il faut courrir plus vite que les autres. je peux vous dire que le nunchunk et la wiimote chauffent à donf pour ce mini jeux. Les conséquences : vos bras ne répondent plus à votre cerveau, il y a une sorte de déconnexion suite à ce mini jeux. Il faut en plus de ca ouvrir grand portes et fenêtres afin d'évacuer le trop plein de châleur ambiante ... mais qu'est ce qu'on se marre !



Céline's birtday

This week end was dedicated to Céline's birtday celebration. It started on Friday evening as we had diner in a very nice place, a restaurant we used to be going for important events : the Camelia. It is located just downtown, five minutes by car. We took the Camelia menu : "Croustillant aux deux saumons" for Céline and "Royale de foie gras aux trompettes" for Guillaume. Then, Céline took the merlu and I took the pork and for the desert, Céline choose the rich chocolate cake while I took the two chocolates cake. It was very very good. Our starters were excellent, on the other hand Céline fish was insipid compared to the pork. And regarding the desert, the rich chocolate cake is by far the best thing they are cooking.

Then, on Saturday evening (Céline was working on Saturday morning and on Sunday morning !) we had diner at Céline parents' place with her family and some cousins. We had a great meal and a great evening. As you can imagine, Céline got a lots of presents which delighted her : perfume, cook books, DVD, soup bowls. But something happend, with the cake !! It was the big moment : Magali came out from the kitchen with the cake and the 26 candles on it. All the lights were off, we could only see Céline on front of her cake. She started to blow out the candles but forget one on the left of the cake. As a result when she bend to blow out the candles on the back of the cake, the candle that was in fornt of it put fire to her hair ! Céline was on fire ... but for just a couple of second as I was quick enough to blow out her hair before she lost them all. I can tell you that it was quite impressive to see her catching fire. The most unbearable is the roasted pig smell while you eat the chocolate cake ! regarding Céline and her hair, she only lost a several centimeters on the right hairs, nothing serious.

On Sunday we took care of some stuffs for the wedding and we cleaned the appartment. It was a relaxing Sunday as we like them.


Griller des Poulets - Soirée Wii (Video n°5/9)

Raving Rabbits

On entame la dernière ligne droite des vidéos. Il n'en reste plus que quatre après celle-ci donc savourez !

Pour ce mini jeux, c'est très simple : chaque lapin mange des piments pour avoir la bouche en feu, et une fois que cette dernière est à point, le lapin peut griller le poulet juste au dessus de sa tête. Il faut toutefois faire attention car il y a 3 types de piments : les verts, les jaunes et les rouges qui sont comme vous l'avez deviné chacun plus hot que le précédent. Il faut donc éviter de manger trop de piment, car dans ce cas, le lapin a la bouche tellement hot que c'est lui qui crame au lieu du poulet ... et donc il pert du temps pour cramer le plus de poulet.


Jouer au Baseball - Soirée Wii (Video n°4/9)

Raving Rabbits

Comme C'est l'anniversaire de Céline aujourd'hui, la video suivante concerne uniquement Céline. Et il faut la voir mettre toute son énergie pour faire courir le lapin le plus vite possible pour ensuite lui mettre un gros coup de batte dans la gueule ! C'est pour moi la vidéo la plus hilarante que j'ai pu réaliser de la soirée, et j'espère que pour vous ce sera un bon moment aussi.

Le but du jeu : faire courir le lapin le plus vite possible pour le faire avancer de 2 bases. Une fois la course effectuée, le lapin saute en direction du lapin qui a la batte de baseball, et il faut shooter le lapin au bon moment pour l'envoyer le plus loin possible sur le terrain de baseball. C'est un des mini jeux les plus réussi et aussi un des plus droles et des plus fatiguants ... à cause de la course. Encore merci mon bébé et je te souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire.


Faire sa lessive - Soirée Wii (Video n°3/9)

Raving Rabbits

On enchaine maintenant avec la vidéo suivante : faire sa lessive. Le principe est simple, il faut agiter d'avant en arrière le nunchunk et la wiimote de manière opposée (qd le nunchunk va d'avant en arrière, la wiimote fait l'inverse) pour nettoyer le linge. Ensuite il faut lever le nunchunk et la wiimote pour inspecter le linge : s'il est propre, on passe au suivant, sinon, on ne marque pas de point. la technique étant de savoir à quel moment il faut inspecter le linge !!!

Une spéciale dédicace à tous ceux qui ont été filmés car il se trémoussent pas mal le cul pour faire la lessive ... est-ce le cas une fois rentré à la maison ?


Eviter le gateau - Soirée Wii (Video n°2/9)

Raving Rabbits

Vous l'attendiez tous, voici donc la deuxième vidéo de cette soirée endiablée. Le mini jeu concerné est très simple : il faut à tout prix éviter d'avoir le gateau entre les mains. Si jamais vous avez le gateau entre les main, il suffit de foncer sur un adversaire pour le lui donner. En revanche, lorsqu'on n'a pas le gateau, il faut éviter de se faire rentrer dedans par celui qui l'a ... et on peut aussi foncer sur les autres pour les immobiliser afin que celui qui a le gateau, le leur donne à eux et non à vous.

C'est donc un jeu très simple, accessible à tous ... et terriblement stressant. Je vous laisse en juger par vous meme.


Can You Believe It ??!!

Let it snow ...

Spring is supposed to be there since March 21st, but we are April 7th and it snowed all night long !! What the hell is going on ... it is just unbelievable. So unbelievable that I took several pictures this morning before leaving to work. The first ones were taken with personal setting on the camera, and the other ones with automatic settings and no flash. It looks like we are in winter and Christmas is to come.


Céline and Magali Classical Dance Gala

Nice Ballet

Every two years, Céline and Magali dance in a ballet gala organized by their ballet school. Two hours of ballet with girls, exclusively, from 5 years old until 35 years old. This years gala was about the seasons : starting with Autumn, then Winter, Spring and finally Summer.

So here is the most successfull ballet, which is about India. You might recognize the music which is from the show "Bharati, the wonder that is India" (in French "Bharati, il était une fois l'Inde").Here, you will find the other videos of the night.

To know more about Bharati you have the english website and a french website.


Docking Completed

Long live the ATV

That's it ! Amazing, wonderful, stressful ... but he finally made it. Yesterday, at around 2:40 pm GMT, the ATV docked itself automatically to the ISS whithout any problems. All EADS people stopped working between 3:30pm and 5:30pm to witness this major achievement. It was a major step for the ESA, and its contribution to the ISS.

I am sure that you want to see some pictures of this major space event. Here they are. I also add some links to the specialized websites such as the NASA and the ESA.

The ATV on the web :


These are the first pictures of the ATV taken by the astronauts on the ISS, during the demo day 01 (March, 29th) and the demo day 02 (March 31st).

Credits : ESA.

Credits : NASA.

These are the last pictures of the ATV taken by the astronauts on the ISS, during the docking phase (April, 3rd).

Credits : NASA-TV.

Credits : NASA.

Credits : ESA.


Brunch At The Kube

Nice place

Sunday morning, the appointement was at 12pm, we had a brunch with friends, Chloé and Alex, at the Kube. It is a very nice place which is a hotel, a restaurant and also have and ice bar. It is located in the north of Paris, in the XVIIIe arrondissement.

I am not going to say anything about the fact that our friends arrived an hour late because they forgot to switch to the summer clock. So let's talk about the brunch. At our arrival, we were served a smoothy pumpkin soup which was delicious and warm (it was raining outside). And as our friends arrived, we were now ready to taste the brunch. From the left to the right you had : orange and grapefruit juice, croissants and pains au chocolat, cooked pork meats, salmon, gravlax, Mediterranean meal, cheese and finally cakes.

Kube Website.

If you know me well, then you won't be surprised that I first taste the cooked pork meats, then the croissants and pains au chocolat, I also took some salmon and finally some cakes and a yoghurt with chocolate marbles. We could also choose if you wanted scrambled eggs, boiled egg, hard-boiled egg or fried egg. I took the scrambled eggs with cheese, tomato and ham. It was so delicious.

All the food was excellent, you could taste that the orange juice was made of real crushed orange, you had also good bread to eat with your cooked pork meats or salmon. Of course you could also take some tea, coffee, and last but not least, there were also candy like dragibus, fraises tagada, banane, ...

As you can imagine, the brunch was excellent and we were completely full to boom after it. We arrived at 12pm and left at 3.30pm and we did not stop eating and chatting all together. We left because we had Laurent's, Céline's brother, birthday. You bet that we did not eat a lot of the dessert when we were there !


Teenager In Love - Soirée Wii (Video n°1/9)

Raving Rabbits

Voici la première des neuf vidéos que j'ai faites samedi soir alors que nous jouions à la Wii. Les huit suivront mais il faut savoir être patient. Pendant ce temps, vous pouvez toujours jetter un coup d'oeil sur les photos prises durant ce soir là.

Petite explication de ce que vous voyez : nous jouions à "Rayman contre les lapins encore plus crétins". Il s'agit en fait de choisir une suite de six mini jeux. Ces suites sont réparties en "voyages", chaque voyage étant associé à un continent. Ces six mini jeux sont assez simples : faire la lessive, faire une course en sac, nager, courir, ... chacun utilisant à fond les capacité de la console et l'utilisation de la wiimote. Dernier point, chaque voyage se termine par un mini jeux musical : des instructions défielent à l'écran et il faut les reproduire : cette vidéo à été tournée pendant ce sixième et dernier mini jeu alors qu'il fallait jouer "Teenager in Love".


Nouveaux Fajitas !!


La nouvelle boite Ol Del Paso Les 8 tortillas habituelles La sauce salsa, la chapelure et le sac shaker

Quelle ne fut pas notre surprise de trouver une nouvelle boite Old El Paso : Crousti Fajitas !!!! Ni une ni deux, n'ayant rien de prévu pour le diner, nous décidons de tester immédiatement ce nouveau produit assez alléchant. Nous décidons aussi de vous faire partager ce test culinaire (le culinaire étant pas mal à la mode ces jours ci !!).

C'est parti pour la découverte du Old El Paso - Crouti Fajita (Avec Chapelure Croustillante). Jettons d'abord un petit coup d'oeil au contenu de la boite. Comme d'habitude sont présentes les 8 torillas de blé souples, le sachet de sauce salsa originale. Par contre, il y a en plus le sachet de chapelure assaisonnée ainsi qu'un sac shaker ! Le grand absent est le sachet d'épices que l'on rajoutait pendant la cuisson du poulet pour le faire revenir et l'assaisonner.

Avant découpe Après découpe Le sac de chapelure Poulet sur le point d'être pané Pret à être mis au four !

En ce qui concerne la préparation, elle n'a pas trop changé pour ce qui est de la découpe du poulet. Arrive ensuite la technique du sac shaker. Il faut verser la totalité de la chapelure dans le sac en plastique, y ajouter deux cuillères à soupe d'huile et le poulet. Shake it ! Shake it ! Et voilà, vous avez votre poulet pané !

Pour la cuisson vous avez le choix entre 15 minutes au four ou 5 minutes à la poêle. Juste pour indication, voici les ingrédients de la chapelure (farine de blé, son, eau, levure, sel): chapelure au paprika (farine de blé, levure, sel, colorant : Rocou, oléorésine de paprika), sel, arôme, épices, oignons en poudre, extrait de levure et huile végétale.

Chapelure restante après avoir pané la totallité du poulet Après cuisson Après cuisson

Nous avons de notre côté choisi la cuisson au four. En attendant, nous préparons le reste : la sauce salsa dans son bol, une tomate du marché, de la salade du marché et du comté fraichement rapé. Une fois le poulet prêt, nous passons enfin à table. Un petit coup d'oeil sur le poulet tout chaud ... mmmm, miam ! Et à la dégustation, un régal !

Les accompagnements Avant dégustation Avant dégustation

Le poulet est effectivement croustillant, la chapelure lègèrement épicée amène un grout agréable. On se sent moins lourd une fois les 3 torillas englouties ! C'est La grosse différence avec l'autre boite de Fajitas, avec laquelle il restait toujours de la sauce. De ce fait les fajitas étaient plus lourde. Avec la chapelure, il n'y a pas de sauce et donc l'impression de lourdeur est nettement moindre.

En revanche, avec la cuisson au four, et n'ayant pas retourné les morceaux de poulet, certains n'étaient pas cuit sur la face cachée. Dernier point, et non des moindres, cette boite Ol Del Paso était moins cher de 0.20 € que les autres. Est-ce une promotion pour la découverte du produit ?

De l'avis général de Céline et moi, c'est un bon produit et la modération au niveau des sauces est un très bon point, ainsi que le croustillant du poulet. Encore faut-il maitriser la cuisson au four, ou bien tenter la cuisson à la poêle (plus grasse). A renouveler à l'occasion. Pour la suite, sachez que si l'occasion se présente ainsi que les produits, nous ferons partager nos différentes expériences.


Céline's new hobby

Raving Rabbits

We just got back our bread machine, so Céline can now resume to try cooking anything ... And it can turn out to be so delicious things such as this bricohe. Just imagine how lovely it is to taste it, to smell it, to see it ... just wonderful ! I am so lucky to live with such a curious cooker, trying everyday new recipes.

Céline's Brioche Céline's Brioche
It looks like we bought it in a bakery ... which is not the case !


Muchas Gracias Mi Amigo Emilio

Trip to Bilbao

We spent the last week in Bilbao with Emilio, a friend of mine I met when I was in Sweden four years ago. We were living in the same building, Emilio on the third floor and I was on the fourth floor and I spent most of my free time with him and his friends.

Anyway, we stayed the week in Emilio's place while he was momentarily back to his parents' place. Emilio lives in Astrabudua, in the north suburb of Bilbao. I takes only a couple of minutes to reach the center of Bilbao by underground and half an hour to reach the beach. About Bilbao, you need to know that it is the sixth city in Spain and the second harbor in Spain after Barcelona.

Astrabudua Bilbao by Night

On the evening of our arrival, Emilio was having a party at his place to celebrate his birthday, the purchase of the flat and our arrival. It was a party with his closest friends so we were just about ten people. Céline and I cooked some crepes as Emilio asked us and we had fun.

On Sunday and Monday we visited Bilbao and its area. On Tuesday, we visited the Guggenheim Museum. Thanks to Maialen for the tickets. We stayed something like two hours and half in the museum seeing an exhibition of 300 years of art in the United States. But what most impressed us is the architecture of the museum.

The Guggenheim Céline and the San Sebastian bay

On Wednesday we went to the beach, we saw the Algorta habor and went to Plentzia at the very end of the metro line. We spent the whole Thursday in San Sebastian. During those two days, the weather was fabulous. It was almost 30°C in the sun. San Sebastian is a pretty nice and little city. the bay and the beach are very pleasant to take a walk, we took the funicular to have a nice view on the city.

Finally we did some shopping on Friday and brought back a lot of ham for us and our families and a basque cheese. And during the evening, Emilio brought us to a bar where a friend of his is working as a chef. We ate the pintxos he made and it was so delicious and way better than the pintxos we had eaten since the beginning of our stay here. Satruday was a day of packing, good byes and recovery back in France.

The Chef Angelo Emilio and The Chef Angelo Mushroom Croquetas Mushroom Omelette Duck Magret Risotto Céline and Emilio Guillaume and Céline Céline, Guillaume and Emilio Céline and Guillaume

As you can imagine, we took a lot of pictures, and most of them are here. We hope that you will enjoy the pictures and again, Céline and I are thanking Emilio and Maialen for welcoming us so gently during this week. Agur guys.

The Guggenheim Pintxos Céline and Emilio


Les Cents Ciels

Hammam and Spa

This is the place we went for a hammam session during the Christmas holidays. Céline went there on a Thursday because it is allowed for couple. Most of the time, the hammam is not mixted. As you can see on their website (, this hammam is in Boulogne Billancourt. And when you arrived in front of the door, you are just wondering what the hammam will look like because the entrance is a bit austère.

But as soon as you cross the door, everything changes. It is like you instantly beamed up in Marrakech or Tunis. The smell, the temperature, the architect ... it is another country you just entered. The difference is unbelivable. Now you can not wait to put your swimsuit and go in the hammam. I did not say it but it is forbidden to be naked, swimsuit are compulsory. On the other hand, you may be able to get naked when it is not mixted.

Anyway, at the reception you get your gears (a pareo, a flannel and soft soap). In the changing room you get towels, a bathrobe and sandals. Once you changed, you get a visit of the place : the restaurant, the tearoom, the room where you can rest. And then dowstairs there is the swimming pool (27°C), the sauna and a big room : the humid hammam (37°C) in which you can find a small room : the hot hammam (47°C).

We started with the swimmingpool which was, contrary to what we excpected, not as warm as we thought. Quickly after that we went to the sauna. And as we were only 4 in the institution, we stayed several minutes in the sauna alone. It was great ... and hot. And then, we spent the rest of our time between the humid and the hot hammam. We arrived at 5pm and left at 7pm after a tea gently offered by the institution.

At 6pm we had our care. We had to wash ourselves with the soft soap 15 minutes before our care so that we would be ready to be cleaned with energy by the people of the institution. It was very pleasant to be taking care of in such a way. It was my first time in a hammam and I really liked it, especially when we were not to many in the hammam. Because when we left, there were people everywhere in the humid hammam wiaitng for their name to be called for the care.

Céline and I had a great time together in the hammam. We spent time together in pretty hard conditions, especially in the hot hammam. Ans once we got out, we were clean as if we just got out the washing machine. Regarding the price, it was not too expensive : 140€ for two people including a tea at the end, a care for the man and to cares for the woman and we could have spent the rest of the evening in the hammam as we do not have any time limit. We really love it and I think that we might do it again in 1 or 2 months but may be in another one to see a new insitution.


In The Forest

With Jumbo

We are doing some doggy-sitting for the week: Jumbo is back home. So we decided that we could go in the forest for a walk and Jumbo could go wherever he wanted. And it was great, not a lot of people in the wood, a pleasant time ... and Jumbo, the stunt dog ! Watch the videos and enjoy !



Great Show !

During the Christmas holidays, we went to the theater to see a play or more like a musical ... actually, a play in which the main actress is singing for like half the time of the play. This play is called "L'emPIAFée" named after Edith PIAF a fomer very famous french singer. Her life was recently told in a movie called "La Môme" and played by Marion COTILLARD. The play takes place in the Palais des Glaces (

here is the context : a pianist is waiting for a singer, Edith PIAF (who died in 1963 if I recall). So you can imagine that is going to wait a while ! But suddenly, a woman arrives, running and apologizing for being late. She works for SOS Singer and she was called to replace Edith PIAF on the stage this very evening.

This is were the play starts for real. The singer tells her life and introduce several songs most of the famous PIAF songs. And as she is a bit bored about the way PIAF used to sing her songs, she adapts and sing them in a jazz way, in a rap way and it is very relevant. Of course there is a lot of comedy between her and the pianist that was waiting for PIAF, there is a complicity in between them that is exciting, amazing and so hilarious.

We had a great time Céline and I. We laught a lot, and hearing PIAF's songs, sung in this very current way was a bit disturbing at the beginning but then it is like they were meant to be sung like this. And Céline and I think that if, contrary to us, you know well PIAF songs, it will be much more funny than it was for us. ENJOY !!


Happy New Year to All of You

Welcome 2008

Céline and I whish you all a happy new year 2008. We hope that the Christmas holidays were good for all of you and that you enjoyed as much as we did your free time. We were so busy, that this morning, when I got back to work, I thought I left for a month or more. We celebrated Christmas three times on December 23rd, 24th and 25th. We visited a lot of friends and I had the oppurtinity to had lunch with friends I had not seen since 1996, when my parents moved from Suresnes to Mareil. it was so great to see David and Damien again. I also saw Nicolas and Karen, we saw Sophie and Hugues, Claire and Johan, Nolwenn and Jeremy, we went to the hammam in Boulogne Billancourt. It was hot, moisty and extremely pleasant. Our skin was so soft after it ! We saw Céline parents and my parents several times during these holidays.

And I finally want to thanks Jeremy who made me discover a new software amazing to build up panoramas. In fact, I spent three days to re build all the panoramas I had already done, using this new program. It is so exciting to see the final result. I am also currently creating new pages to show you the 200 panoramas I built during these three days. Thanks again Jeremy.